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  1. Arrive 15 minutes before the start of your scheduled time to officiate.
  2. Get a clipboard, pen/pencil, whistle, scoresheets, and a copy of the schedule.
  3. Fill out scoresheets with name of teams, court number and start time.
    Have these ready before your match begins.
  4. The schedule indicates the name of the coach and the t-shirt color for each team. Since there are no team names shown on the shirts, look for the right color of the teams involved and the find the coach. Ask a player if necessary.
  5. Get both coaches and a team captain to conduct the coin flip. If you have just finished refereeing a match, immediately find the coaches and get this done for the next match. Be sure to remind each coach that they need to provide a linejudge for each game.
  6. You can give the teams a FEW minutes to warm up and perhaps a minute to serve but that is about it. We do not have the luxury of letting teams warm up for 10 minutes. They should have shown up earlier and warmed up upstairs or on an empty court. Suggest that they show up early next week to do so.
  7. TAKE CHARGE and get the match started. You may need to tell the coaches that we need to get going more than once. BLOW YOUR WHISTLEˇLOUDLYˇto get the message across. Then, SMILE at them. Find a ball to use and start the match.
  8. You will need to help coaches with rotation, substitutions etc. We need to make sure the girls are learning to play the right way. That means that ALL of the players should be receiving the serve with a forearm pass.
  9. Please announce the score out loud, frequently. You might consider when a team reaches 8, 12, and15 and then maybe every two points or so, ending with ýgame pointţ.
  10. Please do NOT enforce the single ýtoss & dropţ opportunity on the serve. In other words, if a player tosses the ball to serve and then drops or catches it and then serves, then that is fineˇeven if they follow this procedure three service attempts in a row.
  11. Please review with the coaches about where players should stand to serve. Please ask the coaches to make sure they do a good job in moving their players back as far as they can. Tell them that we would like players to move back as far as they can in order to challenge themselves.
  12. When filling out scoresheets, you only need to keep score. Players names are not needed. Please mark properly who wins each game.
  13. Please remember to come and referee with a great attitudeˇan attitude that will allow you to have fun and encourage girls to love the sport of volleyball and to WANT to get better. Compliment them when they make a good play and give them a high-five. Encourage them and praise them. If a coach is giving you a tough time, please do not yell at them or look funny at them. Call them over and have a brief one-on-one conversation. Be respectful at all times and if you still have problems go over and get one of the coaches or parents to help resolve the problem. If you set the right tone, hopefully the parents will follow the example you set and we will have no unusual situations crop up.
  14. At the end of the day, return all equipment to the storage box and give to your coach to store away for the next practice or game. Please save scoresheets for Marc Blau.
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